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The Corps has a history extending over more than 100 years owing its origin to Miss Grace Reynolds in charge of a Sunday School of about 110 children in 1903. In 1904, Miss Reynolds visited Canada and returned with a Maple Leaf tie pin for each child. It was not until 1908 that Miss Reynolds suggested that a Cadet Corps be formed with the loan of St Pauls Church Room for its HQ one night a week by The Rector of Frimley and the Maple Leaf was adopted as its badge. The Corps moved to its present HQ at Caird Hall in 1919 on land generously loaned by Mrs Wright of Frimley Hall. When Mrs Wright died, Frimley Hall was sold to Mr Caird who again generously loaned the land at a rent of just one shilling a year for 99 years. The current HQ, a short distance down Crawley Hill from St Paul's Church, was built on this land in 1928, opened in June 1929 by HRH The Duke of Connaught and named 'The Caird Hall' after Mr Caird. The Corps is a Registered Charity affiliated with the Queen's Regimental Association. Historical association with the British Army is illustrated in this extract from the Army List 1940 which records the Corps' affiliation as a Cadet Unit with the Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey). The Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment, created in 1959 via amalgamation of former regiments including West Surrey, had four affiliated Army Cadet Force battalions of which the 2nd Battalion contained the Frimley and Camberley Cadet Corps.

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Scroll down for photos from the 1930s and 1960s. If you have photos to add to the collection please send digital copies to noticeboard@cadetcorps.org.uk with a short description, eg occasion, location and so on. The objective is to have at least a few photos for each decade to illustrate the history of the Corps from the early years of the Maple Leaf Club (1903 - 1908) and the Frimley and Camberley Cadet Corps (1908 to date).


1935 Silver Jubilee of King George V.

Photograph of the Frimley and Camberley Cadet Corps taken to mark the 1935 Silver Jubilee of King George V. Miss Grace Reynolds is seated immediately behind the leftmost drum.


We are very grateful to Paul Williams, Bobby Charlton and Larry Charlton for these photographs and historical narrative from the 1960s. Scroll down to see them all!


1960s PHOTO ALBUM PART 1 OF 2 (Courtesy Paul Williams - former Cdt CSM and TA officer RE(V)):

1966 Patrol Competition winners.

The Surrey ACF Patrol Competition was held each year in June and there was very dedicated training in preparation. It consisted of long patrols to set up harbour areas, recce patrols, fighting patrols, section attacks, map reading etc. We carried 40 pound "manpacks". The 1966 Senior Company winners also defended a military railway station at Longmoor near Bordon in Hampshire. We came 2nd in 1967 and won it again in 1968 under the command of Cpl Nick Pounds.

Camberley Railway Station in April 1968.

Cadets heading off to their Annual Easter 10 day trip to train with the British Army of the Rhine.

We travelled by train from Camberley via London Liverpool Street Station (where we met up with 500 Army Cadets from across the UK) to Harwich, where we boarded an overnight sleeper ferry to the Hook of Holland. The next morning we boarded a troop train which took us to various BAOR bases across Northern Germany. The Surrey ACF Cadets (including F&CCC Senior Company) visited their Regular parent unit in 1966 and again in 1967 in Oxford Barracks Munster (1 Queens Regt - Queens Surreys) and in 1968 and 1969 we visited The Royal Dragoons in Detmold (Hobart Barracks)who amalgamated with the Horse Guards in 1969 to form the Blues and Royals. We exercised at Platoon level in FV 432s with the Queens and we exercised with the Blues and Royals in their Chieftain tanks. [FV432 and Chieftain can be seen at the Aldershot Military Museum.] We all had opportunities to drive these vehicles and others.

In both photographs above you will find cadets who went on to professional careers, namely Brig Nick Pounds RM, Maj Dave Robson (Para), and Maj Alan Cook (REME).

F&CCC Diamond Jubilee 1968.

Included in this photograph are: Princess Alexandra, Capt Jarvis (CO), General Sir Denis O'Connor (President of the Corps) and Lt. Len Marsden (OC Senior Company - C Company, 2nd Cadet Bn Queens Regt). Cadets: Sgt Instructor Dave Robson, Cpl Nick Pounds, L/Cpl Alan Bland, Cadets Morritt, Beard and Cook. The Colour Party: Cdt Sgt. Paul Williams, Lt. Howard Jarvis (former cadet), Cpl Alan Cook.

The Diamond Jubilee Parade in 1968 was held at Krooner Park, off the Frimley Road.

The Cadet Corps New Year's Eve Ball - 1964/5.

The Cadet Corps used to have an Annual New Year's Eve Ball, held in the Gymnasium of Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, by kind permission of the Commandant. It was a fantastic fund raising event for the Corps. Many of these events were organised by Brig. M.H.ap Rhys-Pryce who devoted himself to the Corps and, through his many contacts, did much for the Corps throughout the 1960s and early 70s. The photograph above was taken New Year 1964/65. The cadets' job was to escort guests to their tables and, once all that was done...celebrate with a few "orange juices", as you can see in the photograph!!! In those days, of course, we would still see Miss Grace Reynolds and she would sit at the entrance into Caird Hall and each cadet would salute her and say "good evening Miss Reynolds" before they entered. She was very keen to know what was going on and I can remember on one of the trips to Germany (I personally went 4 consecutive years in addition to Annual camp), she sent each cadet a personal note of good wishes.

The Diamond Jubilee Parade in 1968 was held at Krooner Park, off the Frimley Road.


1960s PHOTO ALBUM PART 2 OF 2 (Courtesy Bobby and Larry Charlton):

'My brother Lawrence Charlton and myself were both Cadet Corps members from a very early age up until we joined the regular army at the age of 16. I was in from Blue Company from 1964 until Senior Company in 1973 when I joined the RAOC. Larry was also in Blue Company (he can't remember when) until he left Senior Company in the late 1960's to join the RAMC. Blue Company in those days also paraded in St Peter's church hall in Frimley. Larry went on to complete 22 years with the regulars but I only managed a shorter 14 years but did make it up by doing 20 in the Met Police, from which I've now retired. I've attached some scanned photographs of my time in the Cadets which we both hope will be of interest to you.'

Annual camp in a training camp on Salisbury Plain. (1963 - 1966).

The sergeant on the left is Sgt. Brooks R.E. He was from the RE barracks in Cove. He's instructing his son and was a regular army volunteer instructor for the cadets. The sergeant on the right is Geoff Allan who was one of our cadet instructors. He lived over the road from me. One of three Doyle brothers is in the different hat. I'm third from right looking sullen. Blue Company.

Annual camp in a training camp on Salisbury Plain. (1963 - 1966).

Len Cattermole plays the trumpet. He was the cadet band leader. In those days there were very few cadets playing in the band. It seemed to mainly be made up of adults from various sources. (A Mr. Feakin was a very big man who played the big drum.) From the left: one of the Doyles, unident, me, unident, unident, Elliot (?), and Terry Doyle as printed on his camp diary.

Annual camp in a training camp on Salisbury Plain. (1963 - 1966).

Writing up our camp diaries at the end of the day. Two of three Doyle brothers in the different style of hats. Me centre. Sgt Brooks, and his son in the glasses.

Annual Fete, Krooner Park. (1963 - 1966).

The inspecting guests were Gert and Daisy. (I still don't know to this day but my mum thought they were great. Celebs of the day without the vulgarity). Lt. Col. Len Marsden to the left and Gert (or was it Daisy?) has her hand on my shoulder. All other cadets unident.

Annual camp at Okehampton Camp, Dartmoor. (1966 - 1968).

Annual camp at Okehampton Camp, Dartmoor. (1966 - 1968). Map reading just out of the back gates of the camp. Three unident cadets. Geoff Allen in "blues" for some reason (he was in the band) and me pointing. If you look at the sleeve of the corporal on the left you'll see that he's got two upside down chevrons at the bottom of his sleeve. These indicated how many annual camps you'd been on. You can just about see that I've got three. I think that I attended every annual camp during my time in the cadets. Training Company.

Harry Secombe take the salute as inspecting officer at the Annual Fete, Krooner Park. (1966 - 1968).

Elliot (?) salutes and I'm behind him. The fete eventually moved, during my time in the cadets, to the big recreation ground up on the London Road where the swimming pool is now. There was always a demonstration of a section attack by the older cadets on a couple of Ghurkas (highly scrimmed and cammo'd but lying in the middle of a football pitch, none the less...) with loads of blanks, a Bren gun, thunderflashes and No. 83 coloured smoke grenades all within spitting distance of the onlookers. Risk assess that now!!

The annual prize giving, Caird Hall. (1966 - 1968).

Lt. Col. Len Marsden at the front. The cadet sergeant on the left in the beret is Sgt. Wickenden. He eventually became a cadet under-officer. I'm in there somewhere. At the back of the hall are all of the RMA officer cadets who'd assisted us during the year. They'd even come on the annual camps. The only one of them that I remember is Adrian Ashby-Smith. Google that name. The boards at the back display who had achieved what award. If they're still around have a look; you'll find my and Lawrence's name somewhere on them.

County Londonderry. (1985).

And this is what all those summer camps, fetes and prize givings result in. My military career peaked as a Staff Sergeant bomb disposal operator in Northern Ireland. In this photo I've just tied a bit of rope to a suspect device in a drain under a road and I'm walking away to pull on the other end to see what happens. You'll notice there's no one else in this photo...

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